Are you prepared for an adventure through shark-infested cornfields? Make sure you're buckled in because "Sharks of the Corn" is here to give you an enthralling mix of terror and comedy. The film was directed by the legendary Tim Ritter, this ultra low-budget production draws inspiration from Stephen King's classic "Children of the Corn" (1984) whi… Read More

It's finally HERE! The first week's review of Gamerathon 3, Gamera VS Guiron! Watch in awe as Creepy and I tackle (blog post) the classic Japanese film from science fiction movies Japan! a hotel room. ...that we never leave... *cough* Well things could have gone better, (blog post) but we've got a review to do, dangit!Source: Gamera VS Guiron… Read More

It's a good thing Leprechaun is bad. The plot, acting, and special effects are all absurd. Everything comes together to form a great film. Warwick Davis is fantastic as the leprechaun, while Jennifer Aniston excels in her feature film debut. Watch Leprechaun if you like campy horror films. Don't expect to feel scared; instead, expect to laugh.The d… Read More

The horror movie Puppetmaster came out in 1989. It was written by Charles Band and Kenneth J. Hall, and David Schmoeller was in charge of the direction. Paul Le Mat, Irene Miracle, Matt Roe, and Kathryn O'Reilly feature as psychics who are plotted against by a former colleague using puppets powered by an Egyptian curse.Originally scheduled for a su… Read More

reviewBreakdown of Hellraiser Inferno. A shady police detective gets thrown into a world of murder, sadism, and madness when he gets a murder scary movies reviews case against a madman called "The Engineer"A few years after the Hellraiser films were no longer playing in cinemas, Inferno was released on home video. Even if this was influenced by a … Read More